App Development Project

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My younger brother, Owen, and I have been planning to create a bunch of apps together starting with simple games for now until we have improved our skills.

Owen will be focusing on the graphical side of things for now, creating application user interface designs, logos, and other graphics an app that we create may require. While my role will be bringing the app to life with the power of coding and programming.

We have looked at a few different ways we can go about creating the apps and and discussing what devices we want to distribute onto – the obvious choices being Apple and Android devices.

So I have looked at a few app building programming environments where we can pretty much write a program once then build for multiple platforms which will be better for our iOS and Android target devices as I won’t need to know how to write 2 apps in 2 different languages!

For the past few days we have been playing with the idea of a project we call “Bounce” (more to follow soon)

We have the idea laid out between us – it is just a matter of actually getting our ideas to a working progress – to a working app – then to being a published app!

That’s all I have to say on the subject for now – another blog post to follow in a few weeks after we get somewhere with our project!

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