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So I realise I have not blogged in a long while (since my last blog about OMG Development!)

Since then, we have released our app Bounce by OMG Development on both iOS and Android devices. I also created a website specifically for OMG Dev and got that uploaded and live just in time for our app to be approved on the App Store and Play Store.

Other things have been going on outside of app development, I have been trying to get physically fitter, as Lauren (the wife) and I will be taking part in a Disney Fun Run in November – The Captain America 5k Run – it should be a lot of fun, I have been trying to diet and exercise a lot more in general and this is 1 of those things that’s helping me stay on target, lose the weight and have fun doing it!

I have also been busy at work – not as busy as I’d like to be, but busy enough. I am coming close to my 1 year anniversary at Local Internet Ads and I am pushing close to 300 websites built for the clients of the company, I still have just over a month to go I might be able to hit 365 to be equivalent to 1 site a day!

As well as work I have been trying to sort out business cards for myself so I can hopefully get some freelance work and make a little extra money, and be able to showcase more of my work and abilities on this site! Whether that is in the form of an app or another website who knows, but I would like to keep building on my portfolio and keep my skills sharp!

I have finished the design for my business card and passed it on to the IT Director here at Local Internet Ads – he kindly offered to help me get the cards printed but he needs to QC them first and make sure I haven’t made any simple mistakes – be a bit embarrassing – printing 500 cards with an error!

Other than that I don’t have any other personal projects going on! Just working out and creating business cards! I will add the OMG Dev website to my portfolio soon as well as the business card designs I will link them in the next blog!

I did make this website to keep myself involved and keep my portfolio up to date so I will keep blogging and keep my site active so I will blog again real soon! (maybe)

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