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Over the past weeks and months, I have been toying with the idea of pushing myself as a freelance web developer and I think now is the time to venture into building my own brand! I think now is the right time because I am at a place professionally where I believe I can put all that I have learned about web development to best use and offer the best service possible for clients.  I am especially keen to expand into helping clients provide mobile browsing opportunities for their customers.

I enjoy web developing but the current websites I develop for my workplace have really become something of a quick chore and I have lost most of the excitement about developing them. We develop websites with a factory mindset: a request for a new website or a redesign comes in from a client and then we use the same single template we always use that is easily editable. And, because our target market and main clients are generally small business owners of auto repair shops and body shops, I only get to develop the same style of websites day in day out. This would be fine if I was required to create one or two, however over almost two years at the Internet marketing firm I work for, I have created well over 500 of these auto repair websites! You can see why I am keen as a bean to get creative again!

I must add, however, that those 500 plus website have allowed me to develop my SEO skills as well as develop a better understanding of mobile responsiveness. With the Internet god Google starting to favour mobile friendliness on websites above anything, as it gives an end user a better user experience, this is a good thing in terms of what I can offer my own potential clients as a freelance web developer!

I want to push for more web development work as a freelance web developer, as I hope that means I can work with more varied clients, whether they are start-ups or established businesses, so that I can use the skills I have gathered so far and build on them to deliver high quality websites that really sell my clients’ services.

A business does well online with a good marketing strategy, whether that means an AdWords campaign on Google, a Facebook Ad campaign, or even just through networking effectively online and being extremely social through pushing Facebook/Twitter conversations to get their potential clients/customers involved. All of this allows businesses to become more than just a business but a brand that people recognise and want to use.

These are the types of exciting and forward-thinking businesses I want to work with; those that want to become more than just an in-and-out sort of business; a business that wants to get to know its customers is the type of business I want to work with!

I’m not sure yet how I will find these new potential clients, but I plan to research and message small business owners, firstly in the Vegas area via Facebook with the intention of setting up an introductory meeting. Using Facebook, in the first instance, will help me find the businesses that are willing to communicate with their customers via social media – the clients I most want to work with!

Wish me luck folks on my journey as a freelance web developer! And watch out for my next blog post where hopefully I can share some good news about my work with some new clients!

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