Uplink eSports League – Another Project Done!

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My latest project for the month of June was Uplink eSports League!

This was a pretty big project, I was working on designs from a designer in Switzerland who made some amazing logos and website mock-ups for Uplink eSports League, as well as working with the Uplink eSports League managers too.

I was asked if I would be interested in building this website at the end of April, the beginning of May, I thought about it for a while, asked about what would be required and we went from there. In the end, I took the job to build the Uplink eSports League website!

They already had the domain uplinkesports.com but they want to target the European market and European gamers as eSports hasn’t really taken off there as fast as it has in the USA, I suggest the domain uplinkesports.eu which they liked and we went ahead and registered that domain and began building our work environment, which for this project is WordPress, for its usability and it has many features that the Uplink eSports League will be using to help move their business forward!

The initial build took roughly 10 – 15 hours to complete based on the designs and I was enjoying every minute of it. Usually day in, day out at the office I am working on pretty mundane websites for local auto repair businesses – but this was something new and exciting, something that needed extra features I was really eager to get to work on this site and it fueled my passion for web development even more than before!

Uplink eSports League is now live and ready to go with their first 1v1 tournament for Rocket League taking place on July 11th with a cash prize for 1st place they are bound to get a big following quickly as most tournaments to date are team oriented and not 1v1.

You can check out their site here: https://uplinkesports.eu

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