OMG Development – The Start

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So from my previous blog post – people are aware that Owen and I are working on an app development project together.

We have given our two man team a name:

OMG Development

Why OMG Development?

Well the acronym OMG usually stands for “oh my god” which most people are aware of and it is widely known, but we are using it for a different meaning. With the combination of our names plus games development, which is what Owen and I want to focus on in our apps we decided on OMG Development which for us stands for: Owen & Mitesh Games Development.

We plan to make simple apps to start with, just fun mindless games. We are hoping that by starting small that we can then develop our skills as graphics designer (Owen’s speciality) and programmer (my specialty), even further so that we can then make more complex apps for mobile devices.

We already purchased a domain for our omg website – like this site our site will use a .xyz  top-level domain which is

Our First App

For now we are focusing our efforts into our first app that I mentioned in my last post – it is currently going by the name Bounce – but obviously I think when we come to publishing we will need to add on to the name as I am sure Bounce is probably taken already!

I will add Bounce to my portfolio once it is complete along with the OMG Dev website!

Keep watching this space for more blog posts!

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