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June 2016




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Bounce By OMG Development is a simple app created for iOS and Android devices.

OMG Development is a project between myself and my younger brother Owen.
OMG Dev = Owen & Mitesh – Games Development.

Owen and I have wanted to create apps for a while and we always have ideas that are really big, but always out of our skill set.

So this time when we planned our app, Bounce By OMG Development, we planned it to be simple but fun. And it paid off for us this time, as we were able to work together via Facebook Messenger, Skype and FaceTime, to develop and release our app in the space of 2 – 3 weeks.

The initial design was to have a bouncing ball to collect coins – but Owen thought people may get bored of this pretty quickly. And from a coding point of view it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, the coins would be in relatively the same place and what happens after you collect all the coins?

So we moved on from that idea – though by this time I had created a simple piece of coding that made a ball on screen bounce when tapped.

So we decided to build on the idea as we already had a coding foundation in place.

And eventually we ended up with what you see on both the App store and the Google Play store, Bounce by OMG Development.

A simple but fun game where you need to tap the ball to make sure it doesn’t hit the ground. We made it to follow the trend of repetitive games such as Flappy Bird and other such games.

We haven’t really advertised the game other than to friends and family on Facebook – we have a website and social media pages set up for our OMG Development project. And we plan to move forward with more app ideas – so watch this space!