Dimension Development Ltd – Leicester, UK

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Dimension Development Ltd


Jan 2015 – February 2015


  • Website Development
  • WordPress
  • Rebranding

Dimension Development Ltd, are a leading retail display, design and development company based in the city of Leicester, UK. I had worked for this company for many years, being trained to use and maintain huge industrial vacuum forming machines from the age of 16, which produced work at an alarming rate that I had to oversee. The company was like a 2nd family to me, and they still are as I have spent most of my working life there between high school and University.

When they said they needed a web developer to help the marketing designer rebrand their website; I immediately volunteered my services, and the company directors happily let me take on the role.

Dimension Development Ltd were rebranding in part due to the company’s expansion, as it had recently acquired a whole new design team, which came along with some exclusive contracts in the retail display industry.

Dimension Development Ltd wanted a sleek looking website which could be maintained easily and asked for my suggestions on hosting, and content management systems. After a few emails back and forth with the branding designer, we finally had the website address and hosting set up.

While the designer began designing the layout of the new website, I got to work installing the basics of WordPress so that when I received the designs I could then begin to create templates for the pages based on the designs.

After a few days I received the first page for the website, which was the home page, and I immediately began coding the new template to match the design. As the pages started to come in one by one, I set up the web pages to go with them.

After a few weeks the website was initially done. The designer and I then spent a full 12 hours going through every single web page and tweaking it to match the designs down to the pixel, from the exact same font to the exact width and height of each section on every page. I also made the website completely mobile friendly for a multitude of devices, using CSS methods.

One piece of code I was proud of in particular when developing this website, was the logo, I used a CSS method to change the logo from the full company logo “Dimension.” to just the D icon based on the screen resolution.

The following day the Dimension Development Ltd website went live and we received a lot of praise for our hard work.

I am very proud of this project and I know that Dimension Development Ltd is as well.

This was my first major commercial website in the UK and I couldn’t be happier with it!

The website with the design I worked on was live from February 2015 until November 2016 – As I no longer reside in the UK Dimension Development went with a locally based development company, and their new site is looking amazing!