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Heavy Metal Welding


June 2015 – Present




  • Website Development
  • WordPress
  • SEO (on-going)

Heavy Metal Welding is a welding and metal fabrication company owned by my Father-in-law, Jim Luz, and is based in Las Vegas, NV.

The company was first established in 2000 and had no website and for this reason they couldn’t reach potential clients via the Internet.

Also because Heavy Metal Welding didn’t have a website, they had no ranking when someone did a Google search for “Welding in Las Vegas“.

I began by designing a basic 4 page website with a home page, about us page, a galley page for displaying photos of work done by Heavy Metal Welding, and contact page.

I was provided with content for the home page and about us page, which outlines a little of the history of the company as well as services offered. I was also given a lot of photos to upload for the photo gallery.

After I had finished the initial design I went ahead and built the website.

The first version of the Heavy Metal Welding site that I had built were using a basic template that I had designed in html/css and php. After a few weeks of tinkering and going back and forth, I finally decided on using WordPress for its “easy-to-use” content management system.

I found a template that would let me manipulate the PHP and CSS fully, but wouldn’t effect page display.

Once I set WordPress up and coded my layout for the pages, the Heavy Metal Welding website came together quickly.

I then began running basic SEO on the website. I started tracking the websites’ ranking on Google.

And so far, to-date, we have had brilliant results, and are appearing on page 1 of Google, organically, for the key word search phrase “Welding Las Vegas“.

This is an on going project and I will continue to update the website when needed as well as continue to monitor Heavy Metal Welding‘s position on Google.