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June 2016



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The OMG Development website is a portfolio based website for apps built by myself and my younger brother Owen.

We came up with the idea sometime in 2015, that we would like to create apps and we never had an idea we could see through to the end as we were both busy, and usually our ideas were huge and beyond our immediate graphical and programming skill set.

I built the site relatively quickly borrowing all design elements from this website, as we had an app about to launch with no website to attach to it.

We both like the site and plan to add more to our app development portfolio under the name OMG Development.

We intend to write blogs to update any website visitors and just keep the site relatively active to keep content fresh and keep the website alive.

We have bios about ourselves on the website as well as information about our app and the process we went through to build the app.

This will be an on-going project as I enjoy programming and I enjoyed making the app – we plan to do more using different SDKs so it will be fun to see what happens next!