OwenWain.com – Graphics Design – Leicester, UK

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Owen Wain – Graphics Designer based in Leicester, UK


May 2017
With on going updates when needed.




  • Website Development
  • WordPress

OwenWain.com is a website I developed for my younger brother, Owen, who is a graphics designer living in Leicester in the UK.

Owen has an amazing talent as a graphics designer, and because of this I told him he should put together an online portfolio of any and all work that he creates so when the time comes, he can show it off to future potential employers and clients.

Owen designed his website OwenWain.com in Photoshop and asked if I would develop his template into a working website, as that is pretty much my job I agreed to put it together for him.

So he can update his website regularly and add new items to his portfolio I created the website using WordPress, I then wrote a CSS file to style a premium multi-purpose template to match Owen’s PSD file.

Owen is happy with his site and has already started adding his work to it as well as updating content and writing blog posts.