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So a few weeks ago I decided to design myself a business card.

It all started when a barista at starbucks was talking with me, about a month or two ago, and asked me what I did as I had been going in there for nearly a year now  – I told him I am a web developer I work at this company just down the street and we deal with a lot of websites. I told him do a lot of PHP, HTML and CSS coding on a daily basis. He told me he was really wanted to get into that, and he had some knowledge of web development, and that he had been helping a friend of his with a WordPress website. He was telling me he had come across a problem with getting a swf file (good old flash files) to render on a website.

So while I’m waiting on my morning cappuccino I told him how he can get it to work, while quickly double checking my answer on Google as you do, he was thankful and said he would give it a try when he got home…come to think of it I never followed up on if he did get it to work or not…anyway.

So I didn’t think anything of it…obviously…and carried on as usual. Until a few weeks after this incident he said he had a friend who has a marketing company – kind of similar to what I do now, and asked if I would be interested in doing some freelance work for his friend. I said I wouldn’t mind knowing more about the project and gave him my email address. Now this is where a business card would have come in handy, like a true non-tech person I had to WRITE down with a PEN my email address on some paper, it was truly very professional of me, with my amazing handwriting.

No it was disastrous, I’m sure the barista did not think anything of it, but it bugged me all day. So that is the reason I ended up designing myself a business card!

Something simple with my name, website, email address and contact phone number, and that I’m a web developer .

Here is the final design that went to print please note I have removed my email address and number from the images so I don’t get spam mail or unsolicited phone calls: business card front blog business card back blog

The IT director here at Local Internet Ads has a contract with a printing company – as we also print business cards for clients as well.

He kindly offered to get me 500 printed and only charge me what they charge him.

So he looked over the files and sent them to the printers on Friday afternoon on my behalf and they arrived in the office yesterday. I have to say I am rather pleased with how they turned out. The only thing I would probably change on the next batch is make the blue a little lighter on the text as on the black background it can be a little hard to read if there isn’t ample light in the room. But who is reading cards in the dark?!

Here are the actual cards, again I have removed the contact information: printed Business cards

It will probably be a while before I need to get more unless I just stand around handing them out to complete strangers…well there is a thought…no but I am sure the 500 I had printed will last me a good while!

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