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Local Internet Ads creates professional websites & online marketing campaigns for local businesses throughout the United States.

I was lucky enough to get a job as a web developer for Local Internet Ads in the third week of September 2015.  I had been applying to roughly, around 10 jobs a day, for many different companies, on several different job sites. Well no one ever said job hunting was fun, and I absolutely loathed it!

Luckily for me the Project Director of Local Internet Ads liked my cv/résumé and called me up one Monday morning, asking me when I’d be available for an interview. I told him I was available anytime, so he told me to come down that day and we would have a chat about the job and see if I am right for it, and if it’s right for me.

He gave me the address, I got myself ready and then headed down to the office. After applying to literally hundreds of jobs, (I had been living in the US for 4 and half months by this time), I was a little anxious and nervous but excited at the same time.

When I got to the office I was greeted by the Project Director, Erik, he invited me into his office and we began talking about what they were looking for and going over my résumé.

After a several questions and a bit of a conversation, Erik offered me the job, asking me “so when can you start?” I told him I was ready to start right away, so he told me I could start the following day.

He showed me around the office building telling me a little of the history of the company and how they started out, and then after we finished he said he’d see me at 9am the following day!

I have now been working for Local Internet Ads for almost 9 months, with over 200 websites created for the company so far, with no plans on slowing down. I am loving my job – I get to create tons of websites – I have improved my Photoshop skills, from very little knowledge to basic logo creation and photo editing. And I get to improve my CSS and PHP with the help of the awesome Senior Developer here, who always has my back when I am a little stuck on getting a specific function to work!

The people I work with are all pretty amazing especially the other developers who I get along with pretty well – or maybe they don’t like me and haven’t told me yet! Haha.

Recently Local Internet Ads redesigned their own website – with the Senior Developer doing a fantastic job on the design!

You can view it at:

Local Internet Ads are based in Las Vegas with many reps throughout the country with a brilliant team working in the office!

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